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Immanuelskyrkan (Immanuel Church) Jönköping – Our faith

Immanuelskyrkan is a congregation of the Christian belief basis.

In Immanuelskyrkan, we believe in God as the Father and Creator, Jesus Christ, as the saviour of the whole world and the Holy Spirit, who is God’s power and help in this world for the sake of humans.

In Immanuelskyrkan, the Bible is the guideline for what we preach and how we strive to live our daily lives.

In Immanuelskyrkan, we believe that people’s individual encounter with Jesus, by faith, can transform and renew their lives. Belief in God is vital. God seeks each of us and challenges us with a faith that can change your life.

We believe that people, as transformed by the Christian faith can have a voice and build a society that is a good society and a home for all. Faith is not a private matter. The individual’s faith and community go together.

With a listening and narrative approach, with a warm and gentle community, with strong and challenging preaching, the Immanuel Church desires with all its activities to bring people closer to God and closer to each other.

Whole life church

All ages are represented in our congregation, from small children to the elderly. Children are welcomed and brought forth for baptism or infant dedication/blessing. Anyone who wishes can be baptized as an adult. From confirmation, marriage, pastoral care and funerals, the church meets people at different stages in life. Worship services, Bible studies and discussion, age-and interest-oriented activities, there is a multitude of life in our church. The songs and the music are wonderful.

We meet for service every Sunday at eleven a.m.

You are welcome to join us!

We are one of many congregations within Equmenia and Equmeniakyrkan.

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